Florida Cosmetology Continuing Education and Florida Barbers License renewal courses. WWW. FLCEO.COM, is licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, DBPR to provide Board of Cosmetology and Barbers Board approved continuing education courses.

Florida Cosmetology Educators Online offers a Florida cosmetology continuing education that is approved by the Florida board of Cosmetology, which meet license renewal requirements needed to renew a Florida cosmetology license, a Florida Nail Specialty Registration, or a Florida Facial Specialty Registration. The continuing education course is a 16-hour continuing education course. When you complete the course you have met all of your requirements for a license renewal period, and are then eligble to pay your license renewal fees to the Florida Board of Cosmetology and renew your license.

Florida continuing education are also available for Florida Barbers which are approved by the Florida Barbers board, for persons that are applying for a Florida Barbers license. and Florida Barbers continuing education courses for persons that already have a Florida Barbers license who need to complete their continuing education requirements so they can renew their Florida barbers license also can be found on the Florida cosmetology continuing education website.

Florida Cosmetology Continuing Education courses for the Florida Hair braider, Hair wrapper and Florida body wrapper are also offered on the Florida cosmeology continuing education website. FLCEO offers a 2 hour HIV/AIDS course for Florida Hair braider's, Hair wrapper's and Florida body wrapper's to renew their license without having to complete additional unneccesary hours of continuing education. The course offered permits Florida Hair braider, Hair wrapper and Florida body wrapper to get only the continuing education hours that they need to met the continguing education license renewal requirements and no more than what is required of them.